The Beekeeper's Secret

All-Natural Fragrance-Free Skin Care and Wood Care Products

Discover the secret of the finest all natural skin-care products people all over North America are raving about! The Beekeepers Secret is pleased to offer you the highest quality skin care and wood care solutions available for everyone. We also have a selection of Gift Sets for all your gift giving

All of the Beekeeper's products are delicately produced under the special care of the Bee Lady, who has created this natural skin remedy by carefully combining the precious ingredients of Olive Oil and Beeswax. Together these ingredients penetrate the pores of your skin while simultaneously producing a special 'wax' barrier on the surface.

The Beekeeper's Secret is then uniquely molded into the same hexagonal shape used by bees and given the signature seal of the Beekeeper's product line. It truly is the Finest Natural Skin Care Product available.

  • Great for boating; combat the effects of sun and salty air.
  • Gourmet cooks appreciate being able to protect their hands without imparting the odor or flavor of lotion to the food 
  • Travelers foil the drying effects of the near zero humidity air in jetliners.
  • Gardeners with grimy hands find that cleaning-up afterwards is much easier.
  • Our Wood Cream and Furniture polish provide a safe, non-toxic alternative to other products on the market.

No matter what you do in the arena of work or play, The Beekeeper's Secret is the finest all-natural skin product available. Place your order today!

Meet the Bee Lady!

Meet the Bee Lady in person and purchase Beekeeper's Secret products at various events in the Seattle area and Washington State. Click here to view a calendar of upcoming appearances.