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  Beekeeper's Secret Cake $14.50    
  Beekeeper's Secret Lip Balm, Tube $4.25    
  Beekeeper's Secret Cuticle Cream, Tube $4.25    
  Beekeeper's Travel Bar $21.50    
  Beekeeper's Secret Night Moisturizer Cream $34.95    
  Beekeeper's Dish, Specify Dish Color: $13.50    
  Beekeeper's Wood Culinary Cream $8.95    
  Beekeeper's Fine Furniture Polish $12.95    
  Beekeeper's Skin Care Gift Set (Cake, Dish, Lip Balm) Specify Dish Color: $34.50    
  Beekeeper's Wood Care Gift Set (Culinary Cream, Furniture Polish, 2 Polishing Cloths) $25.95    
  The Gift of Light (Two 9" Beeswax Tapers, Four Beeswax Votives) $25.95    
  A Taste of Honey (Three 3oz jars, Honey Sticks) $16.95    
  Soap on a Wooden Dish (Honey Citrus Calendula Soap, Wooden Dish) $8.95    
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  $20.01 to $30.00     $6.00     The Beekeeper's Secret®  
  $30.01 to $40.00     $8.00     P.O. Box 806  
  $40.01 to $50.00     $10.00     Medina, WA 98039-0806  
  Over $50.00     $15.00